2012. február 28., kedd

CACIL SNOW RACE Neustift im Stubaital Austria 28.01.2012.

We had an amazing time in Austria.
Race on the snow. Can you imagine anything better for your borzois?
Yes, they enjoyed this very much.

There were 6 borzoi on the race;
Dascha du Clos des Sabines (CH)
Stephun`s Xarifa (A)
Belátó Bella (H)
Lena Martinville (H)
Carija od Podhorniho Vrchu (D)
Blagorodnaja Krasota Igrushka (NL)

            Our Bella, "Whiskey" in red, she ran very well;

               But came second at the first run, Carija bit her;

The final. She stars very well, she is in white;

Looks like she can win;

The power is there;

Head to head with the strong rival Carija (in blue)

...and the result Cara first, Whiskey second;

That was a great fun girls!!!!

The result;
1. Carija od Podhorniho Vrchu -CACIL
2. Belátó Bella "Whiskey"  -Res.CACIL
3.Dashcha du Clos des Sabines
4.Stepun`s Xarifa
5.Blagorodnja Krasota Igrushka

We had a great time here. Just look at this video; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivSWsoqA1mc&list=UUOJNQ6kbhx98SeRwpIJgWLg&index=1&feature=plcp

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