2013. február 10., vasárnap

Waiting for puppies

There is a Mick Jagger song "Godess In The Doorway". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2p8pB2jf4Gw
Although the song is about something else, for me it means that good things are on the doorstep and will coming to my life very soon. I refer to the forthcoming birth of Tequila`s pups. I like the waiting, the time for preparation, knowing I have time I don`t need to hurry, and soon an exhilarating experience will soon be mine. Tequila`s belly is enormous. Two of her teets are like rocks and thick, sticky goo oozes from them. Small creatures wriggle against my hand when I caress her belly, the pups are stirring. There can be no doubt, what is there must come out soon. I`m not nervous about whelping. We can do it together. In my childwood I was always there at my animals whelping and when the time arrived they always came to me and I had to find a good birth place for them.
Sometimes I made a bad decision, for instance it was not right to place my cat on fresh linen in the wardrobe. And I shouldn`t have hidden my hamster underneath my grandfather`s pillows. Both animals survived the experiance althought my grandfather nearly had a heart attack. Tiki licks my hand when I touch her belly. She will tell me when her time arrives. Until now she sleeps with us in the bedroom so I can hear when her respiration changes. I wake up when she moans. It`s not easy for her to stand up with her load. She is walking like the wolf that ate Little Red Riding Hoods grandmother also carriing the stone the hunter put in it`s mouth, and waddles like a duck. She must have put on 6 kg!

Unbelieveably there was fresh snow on the ground this morning. I have had enough of this Winter. I don`t want more cold, more layers of clothes and the worst, no sunshine. However the snow makes the bright light shine through the window and walking on the fresh crunchy snow cleans your boots! Also the dogs are enthusiasthic and little Sally invites Tiki to play.

 She starts but soon stops.

The matings happened on the 9th and 12th December.  The queistion is what was the time of fertilization. We are at 63. days from the 9th.  There are a lot of quiestions. How many puppies are swimming around in Tiki`s belly? How many boys and how many girls? What colours?
There is stress and worry. Will this be an easy whelping? Will they be healthy? How will Tiki look after them? Because this is her first litter. I feel like an expectent mother. In this time I`m pacing around. Getting ready. The house is spotless. Antiseptic handwashes by the sinks. Strimmer at the ready. A pile of linen is waiting. Tiny little miracles, come out!!!

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